These 298 Proven Emails, All Done For You, Save You A Full Year Of Writing! And That’s The Least of The Benefits You’ll Gain:

How Can These Amazing and Powerful Emails Help You?

  • Increased Engagement - Engagement is crucial to client-coach relationship and leads to greater success.
  • Increased Accountability - Even if your clients came to you 5 days per week, they would still be elsewhere the majority of the time, and these emails will be your key to affecting them on a daily basis.
  • Increased Education - There is only so much education that can take place in the gym; there is a part that must be done outside of the gym.
  • Increased Community Building - The Friday check-ins lead members to the private Facebook group where every member can share and build community based on the calls to action in each email.
  • Increased Relationship Building between You and Your Clients - Relationships are the key to long term marketing success.
  • Increased Value - The more you provide in your challenges the more value you create and nothing matches great motivational emails.
  • Dramatically Increased Results - Almost ALL of our members have said that the daily emails were what they loved the most and kept them on track.
  • Increased Retention - The greater your results, the greater your retention.
  • Increased Referrals - Happy customers become ambassadors of your business who send you a continual stream of new clients...

Check Out What’s Included?

  • Welcome Emails for Transformation Challenges - Used to get your transformation challenges started off on the right foot!
  • Survey Emails for Transformation Challenges - At the end of each series to provide the necessary information for you to improve each challenge and get rave reviews.
  • Motivational Monday Emails - Start the week with some motivation to push you through the weeks and break the cycle of bad weekends.
  • Inspirational Tuesday Emails - Designed to inspire you to be the best version of yourself.
  • Educational Wednesday Emails - Add to the education needed to be successful in the challenge and long term.
  • Inspirational Thursday Emails - Designed to inspire you to take risk and dig deep to discover your true potential.
  • Friday Check In Emails - Calls to action to make sure your challengers are on track, challenge them and increase engagement in the FB group.
  • Workout Saturday Emails - A super spicy workout for those who thinking missing the gym is there way out!
  • Sunday Reflection Emails - Emails to help you reflect on the past week and move FORWARD to the next week.

There are a total of two 8-Week Transformation Challenge Sets (59 emails each) and four 6-Week Transformation Challenge Sets (45 emails each)!